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Psychic Healer Training

The Reiki Story Lineage and Introduction to the System’s specialized by the Spiritual Collective.

General Energy Theory, Chakra Essences, Soul Bodies

Energy Techniques -Self- Care , Meditation, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathy

Reiki 1 Attunement

Working with Surrender, Karma and The Path


Oriental Medicine, I AM Presense, Auric Vision and Meditation Techniques

Sensing the Energy Fields, Clearing the Channels , Clearing Yourself

Reiki 2 Attunement, Additional Attunements

Auras, Guides,  Angles, Classes of Intuition

Advanced Self- Care

Extractions and Empowerment

Astral Groups, Healing Teams, Automatic Writing

Mystic, Magick and Meditation Advanced Courses are by invitation and inquiry only. Here we explore Master level theory of various esoteric systems; Reiki Master Symbol, manifestation, astral projection, Taoist Alchemy.. and so much more. We are currently taking applications, please inquire within.
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Healing Tao : Alchemy for Vitality & Health

You will gain mastery of medical and spiritual qigong /chi kung/ tai chi integrated with Daoist (Taoist) meditation. Great for any one seeking to release stress, heal themselves of a disease, or generate a fresh feeling of energy and understand how to manage your life energy. You will get a clear map of how your body-mind energetically works,and how you can better manage it.

This course is perfect for yogis, dancers, meditators, martial or tai chi artists – anyone seeking deeper grounding in their life or an upgrade in their level of wellness. Many people have succeeded in healing chronic illness with these methods. Virtually any kind of chronic illness can be healed with qigong, as they are all caused by chi blockage.

Healing Tao Basics, it delivers to your body-mind the crown jewels of China’s medical and spiritual practices. These are the core tools you will use your entire life. Learn them well, the rest is easy. The Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, & Microcosmic Orbit lay the foundation for a lifetime of clear chi flow and radiant health. You will learn how to talk to the vital organ spirits — the biological intelligences that control your personality and your destiny.

  • You will supercharge your belly-dan tien with powerful “empty force” internal chi breathing – done anywhere, standing, sitting, lying. An easy, fun form called Ocean, Sky, Great Heart Breathing: Blissful Breathing Qigong. Plus deep bone marrow breathing and rooting methods of Standing-in-Stillness Qigong that open up a connection to the “bones” of your soul and your ancestors.
  • You will learn the following qigong movement forms: Five Animals Do the Six Healing Sounds; Open Chi Flow in Orbit; Five Internal Chi Breathing Standing Postures to open core body channels, plus simple bone beating and breathing.

Learn the ancient Tao secrets of circulating the internal golden light (chi, or qi) up the spine and down the body’s front channel. This famous “Embryonic Breathing” or “MicroCosmic orbit” meditation stops energy leaks, balances all your meridians and energy centers into a single “wheel of chi” or unified chakra. This is the safest method to open your kundalini’s warm current and activate the healing power of your “inner elixir”. It balances the seemingly polarized forces of Heaven and Earth, male and female, yang and yin, and thereby creates a vessel for the hidden third force of the Tao, the Original Chi (yuan chi).

This method of circulating chi in the Micro-Cosmic orbit is so famous that many different techniques have been developed over the millennia to make it easier for the adept to develop this harmonious yin-yang chi flow. I give the ten major methods I have found, integrated into a single guided meditation. From this you can choose the technique(s) most suited to you and develop them further. I explain the deep relationship between the Orbit and the Taoist alchemy theory of jing-chi-shen-wu (essence – energy – intelligence – emptiness). I also give an 11th method, still a quite secret method from Wu Dang Mountain, that is particularly powerful at mixing the blood and chi within the Human body.

Blood and chi are the fundamental essences of Earth and Heaven, so when they are harmonized, your Original Self (Yuan Shen) can emerge and take substance. This is also the beginning of the True Inner Smile meditation, where your Inner Presence radiates effortlessly (wu wei), spontaneously, and your Qi flows continuously! The neigong (inner qi meditation method) of the Microcosmic Orbit will also include a new method of invoking the spinning Dragon Spirits of the Earth to empower our orbital flow. This amplifies the flow in the orbit by a factor of 100x and makes it totally effortless.

This course integrates movement and meditation into one. You will enjoy five simple qigong movements that will open chi flow in your orbit and give you many other healing benefits of China’s “miracle exercise”. It will relax your body, keep the spine flexible, and develop healing hands. It marries the chi of Heaven and Earth. It opens the difficult front (chest) channel, where a lot of emotional chi gets stuck. It’s easy to learn — you can feel the chi flow in a few minutes!

This dynamic Orbit meditation lays the foundation for learning Taoist sexual practices. It is a PRE-REQUISITE – without opening the Orbit, your sexual energy has no easy path to flow in. So this is the FAST method for guiding your wild sexual impulses into useful spiritual pathways of creativity. The Micro-Cosmic Orbit is the foundation for the Fusion of the Five Element practices as well as all the other six higher formulas of Taoist inner alchemy, the science of cultivating ordinary chi into immortal spirit.


The 9 Major Benefits of Qigong Fundamentals 4:

1. Opens up our ability to expand the space inside and breathe inside our bones. Bone breathing moves the deep “jing” or sexual essence that shapes our body and health. A new sense of aliveness is born within our core self. When the bones are awake, the rest of you runs more effortlessly. You pump fresh hormones and life into your blood.

2. Five standing postures calm your monkey mind. The anxious thoughts and distractions are re-directed into your bones and the earth. Some ‘empty mind’ standing postures drive the monkey crazy. The dynamic nature of bone breathing keeps the monkey engaged in a positive process and gradually brought to stillness.

3. Allows healing of many chronic illnesses or alleviates their severity, including cancer. The deepest imbalances in our organs and tissues get gradually pushed down into our bone marrow. Releasing the trapped sickness from the bones can product swift (“miraculous”) healing beyond the comprehension of western doctors. 3500 scientific studies prove Qigong’s power to prevent & heal chronic illness.

4. Excellent for women seeking to avoid or heal osteoporosis. Bones waste away because we don’t live inside them. Women lose blood monthly, and this exhausts the jing (= stem cell) supply in the bones that converts itself into blood. Hormonal precursors are produced inside the bones. Learn to manufacture what you need for good health – supplements are not enough. Isometric pressure on bone muscle + chi flow is what works.

5. Increase your flexibility and stretch-ability with tendon and joint qigong. You never grow old if you stay limber. Spine, arm & legs & finger and toe joints all get a beautiful and quick tune-up.

6. Prevent and heal arthritis – the bane of old age (and young age for some). Joints are like spark plugs between the bones – they need cleaning regularly to keep your “spark” in life. Micheal Winn’s top joint qigong exercises, collected over 20 years research.

7. Learn to clear up and access ancestral issues. This is just beginning level of this work, being able to witness how many emotional and health issues are really blood – ancestral – genetic. But they can be changed by vibrating the bone marrow and “washing” it.

8. Standing practice and bone breathing is the very best method to build grounding. Grounding is essential for anyone stuck in their head or not quite living “in their body”. It benefits energy healers, meditators, martial artists, dancers, yogis, psychologists, all health care workers, business people. Everyone needs more grounding for comfortable flow of energy and to keep their sanity!

9. Open up deeper level of internal chi breathing, between 1) bones and the dantian, 2) dantian and mingmen (gate of life) where you convert formless chi into your body & mind, and 3) internal counter-force breathing between crown of head (bai hui) and perineum (hui yin). This is deep, blissful experience of core self.

(Personally Learned from Micheal Winn) 

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Free Beginning Meditation

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Taoist Alchemy Meditation & Qi Gong

Taoist Alchemy Meditation & Qi Gong – Level 1

  • You will learn the following qigong movement forms: Five Animals Do the Six Healing Sounds; Open Chi Flow in Orbit; Five Internal Chi Breathing Standing Postures to open core body channels, plus simple bone beating and breathing.
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Reiki Teacher Training

In the Reiki Teacher Training class you will learn:
* What is Reiki?
* Reiki Ideals
* History of Reiki
* Meditation
* Grounding and protection.
* Reiki hand positions for self-treatment and hand positions for treatment of yourself and others.
* Reiki practice with other students
* Introduction to Advance Energy Healing
* Level I Attunement, Level 2 Attunement, Change for Reiki Master Apprenticeship and Attunement, Plus further advanced Psychic skill training for healing oneself and others. 
* Certificate and Manual

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