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Learn About Us

Learn About Us

The Center Health – San Diego offers natural health treatments, customized therapeutic massage bodywork, and Medical Intuitive Life Coaching sessions,  by appointment only.

Our Healing Space also offers Spiritual Development Training  and Taoist Inner Alchemy cultivation instruction on ancient Meditation and Qigong for health,  prosperity, and longevity. Our current rotating class schedule includes Taoist alchemy meetupspsychic intuitive training, healing shares, metaphysical education, ChakraDance™ programs, energy attunements, and much more!  

The Center Health – Mission Valley  provides Ancient Cupping Therapies for Anti-Aging; a 100% Natural Cosmetic Rejuvenation/Facelift, Cellulite Removal Treatments/Full Body Sculpting for Women and Men; targeting typical “problem” areas such as under arms, glutes, thighs and hips, as well as specialized whole body cupping for organ detox and whole-being wellness. 

Our extensive training and research allows us to use over 9 different types of sets of cupping sets and over 60 cupping treatments.“ 

We aim to provide a fun and resourceful San Diego Health Hub to enrich our community. We also collaborate with exemplary teachers, holistic leaders, dancers, musicians, and artists from around the world  to provide top-notch events focused on positive mindful living, delicious healthy cuisine, natural healing therapies, cultural awareness, and self-empowerment. We welcome you to join us!!  

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