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Leticia Martinez

Certified Passion Test Facilitator for Adults, Kids & Teens


Telephone: (619) 540-2182

“Inspiring Transformation through Love, Leticia Martinez (Beautiful Lety) has the ability to connect people to their passions, show them how to attain clarity, power and self love. Her optimistic outlook helps many find the value of who they are and what their life could look like when they are fully in tune with their passions. Leticia is a healing light beam of love and awesomeness. Her authentic spiritual insight and unconditional love helps many find peace within.”

Services Offered :

Private Two 1-on-1 Sessions $297 (*introductory price $147)

3 hour Workshop-  $97 per person (*introductory price $47)

Kids & Teens :

45 min Workshop $25 each

4 week program for Classrooms $15 per student per session, Discount offered if materials are printed by school (sponsorship/donations welcomed)

Payment Accepted: Cash, Paypal, Credit


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