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Erica Rose – Yoga, Art Teacher


Erica’s passion for art, meditation, yoga have led her to seek a deeper understanding of self through healing and transformation of mind, body and spirit. This passion inspires her motivation to learn and grow an abundant life of joy, and to help others find the same in their own hearts.
Erica is certified Vinyasa and Yin yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and is currently finishing schooling as a Certified Integrative Healer. She enjoys volunteering her free time at Sharp Hospital as a Reiki practitioner, and spending time in nature or hanging out with her family. Her meditation practice has been one of her greatest sources of strength, and she believes the greatest teacher is found within. Her classes aim to help others uncover their own shining jewels of intuition using art, yoga, meditation and reiki a guide to attaining this inner knowing.

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