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Natalie Frost, EFT

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Natalie Frost is a Reiki and EFT Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Intuitive Healer, and Corporate Healing Consultant. With over 12 years of Real Estate and Property Management experience in the demanding Southern California market, Natalie knows firsthand the inner workings and the daily pressures that accompany life in the corporate world.

Drawing from her direct personal experiences which include deep and penetrating insights into life’s successes as well as its failures, Natalie’s unique gifts help us regain access to our “Optimal Humanity”. As we rediscover these hidden and forgotten dimensions of our own human potential, the benefits extend far into all of our business and interpersonal relationships. Natalie facilitates the opening of “inner pathways” to creative self expression, greater successes, increased joy, as well as the rediscovery and recovery of of our natural freedom.

Natalie’s work addresses issues such as addiction and childhood traumas which often ripple into every area of our life, co-dependency, toxic relationships and other difficulties that keep us from realizing our optimum potential as human beings. Natalie is available for consultation via Telephone, in person, skype,  individual and/or group basis.

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