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Antoinnette Chirinos

Certified Theta Healing  Practitioner - Certified Reiki Practitioner  -Kundalini Yoga Instructor


Born and raised in Peru, in a family where Grandpa made home remedies with native herbs and fruits and Grandma practiced energy healing. I have always been very intuitive, able to feel people’s energy and had premonitions. It wasn’t until Grandma left her physical body that my gifts grew stronger. Grandma gifted me her healing abilities and guided me to follow my true path. Theta Healing is a modality where I use my psychic abilities to find out the root of the problem. Through meditation and prayer, I witness of the Creator’s healings. Illness can be a manifestation of our body being unbalanced, asking us for help. We let anger, resentment and other emotions that shouldn’t be with us, stay in our subconscious, and our body tires of it and begins to suffer. Environmental factors can also play a significant role.

Changing beliefs in our subconscious and ridding ourselves of energy that no longer serves us restores the balance in our bodies.

Theta healing can be used for a variety of things: extreme weight gain/loss, stress, anxiety, chakra alignments or any situation that might be causing an issue in your life.

It works on your pets too!!!

Services and Rates

Healing Sessions (1 hour): $90.00

Chakra Alignment (45 minutes):  $80.00

Pet Healing Sessions (30 minutes, this session will take place at your home): $50.00

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