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“A year and a half ago I tore the ACL ligament in my knee, effectively ending my martial arts career.  Due to scheduling conflicts, I was unable to have the injury surgically repaired in time to save the ligament, and was forced to go with the more invasive tendon graft procedure. After the surgery, the high cost of physical therapy kept me from being able to properly rehabilitate the injury. I lived in near constant pain, and was unable to walk normally. Some days the pain would get so bad I couldn’t walk at all.

When I approached Ji Hea about healing, already I wasn’t sure if things could ever improve. At best I hoped for a brief respite from the pain. The results were immediate and dramatic.During the first session, the pain had ceased entirely, and afterwards, my range of motion was better than it had ever been since the surgery. In the following weeks, my mobility returned, and the pain had been relegated to almost nonexistence. For the first time in months, I feel my body is finally on the road to a full recovery. Ji Hea is incredibly skilled and professional, and takes great pains to make her clients comfortable and cared for. I cannot recommend her enough.”-Tony Wallace

“Thank you for your work on my mom, Brenda  Johnson. Incredibly mom is doing better and getting stronger. Whodathunkit? I do not know how she could possibly rise like a Phoenix but with your help, she has. She is in a rest home and can lift some things and sit up which is amazing. She is sharp often, which is a gift to us all. Thank you for your healing energies,they have exceeded our expectations. Aren’t mothers amazing. With Appreciation…for you too are amazing!”-Michele Johnson

“THANK YOU so much, Ji Hea! – I so appreciate all the wonderful work done!  I am feeling stronger and clearing more, with less foggy thinking and I am so grateful.Sending much gratitude and love,”-Laura Gubisch

“Thank u for the healing, Ji Hea. I go back for my second mammogram on Thursday and expecting positive outcome.
I am with gratitude always.Light & love,”-Sylvia Lopez

“This is to inform you that my mom is completely healed… and I have no words to thank you enough for so much love and dedication !May you be abundantly blessed and loved ! Thank you SO much, The Center Health! Light and love,”-Bryan

“God bless you. Mustafa is better now.”-Onder Ergin

“I am happy to say that I have seen a marked improvement in my psoriasis, despite following the same medication regime. Thank you, thank you, The Center Health. Psoriasis can be a debilitating and tedious condition, so any improvement is welcome. with my best regards”-Maureen Scott

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